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Posted by equinoxrealtygroupadmin on July 1, 2021

Finding the perfect apartment rental near you can be difficult. Not only are you looking for the perfect location, but you will also need to find a space that accommodates your needs. Each complex will come with its own set of amenities that will weigh into your overall choice. You will want to consider some of the following factors when looking for your next apartment:

Pet Policy: For pet owners it will be important to become familiar with a potential apartment’s pet policy. Are dogs and cats allowed? Are there breed or weight restrictions? Is there a pet deposit fee? Will there be an additional fee added each month for the pet? These are some of the many questions you will need to ask before selecting an apartment to move into.

Laundry Options: A huge aspect to consider when looking at potential rentals is how the laundry will be set up. Are units provided to you inside of your apartment? Are there hookups for you to bring your own washer and dryer? Many apartments will have a laundry facility on site with washers and dryers for use to the residents. You should decide how important laundry is to you and look for places that match your needs.

Appliances: In addition to your laundry set up, it will be important to figure out which appliances come with your unit. While most will provide you with the basics, there are some rentals that come without any appliances. Additionally, if you are someone who relies heavily on a dishwasher this will be an additional consideration.

Unit Size: When comparing apartments you will need to decide if there is a size that is too big or too small for your needs. Each complex will offer you different square footage for different prices. The floor plan in some units may be more open or feel more spacious, this will be an important aspect of choosing your next rental.

Cleanliness and Condition: This is an easy way to know how attentive and professional the property management you will be working with is. If they want to rent you a place and you see it is not ready for you to move in, this is providing insight into what you can expect from them in the future.

Price: A very important consideration is the price, not only because of your budget but you also need to evaluate if the price asked for the unit is suitable for what if provides. Make sure you are choosing somewhere you can afford that gives you enough bang for your buck.

Amenities: When it comes to the amenities you will need to decide which if any you are looking for. This can include having a gym, pool, reserved parking, and more. Many apartments focus on providing these additional features because they know it can help make your apartment feel like a home.

When you work with Equinox Realty Group, we can help you to find exactly what it is you are looking for. We help to narrow down your options to find places that match your needs. When a rental is accepting applications, we can help you to get in fast and negotiate additional free application submissions to other complexes that may be owned by the same company. Our team has web experience and are continuously working to improve the rental process for our clients.


Why Should I Rent an Apartment?

No Cost Maintenance: When it comes to renting an apartment, one of the biggest benefits is that when something goes wrong you will not have to cover the maintenance or repair costs. You still will be inconvenienced by breakdowns and should choose an apartment that seems well maintained, but unexpected breakdowns happen all of the time. When your air conditioner goes out or a pipe bursts, it will be the apartment’s job to promptly and properly fix it. Typically, all a renter will have to do is submit a work request to the apartment letting them know what went wrong. This works for a wide variety of issues including broken appliances, dysfunctional plumbing, electrical problems, pest control, leaking roofs, and more.

Less Upfront Costs: Let’s face it, buying a home may be an investment into your future but it’s no small purchase. When you rent an apartment you will typically only be required to pay a security deposit and your first month of rent. The deposit is typically somewhere between half to a full month of rent. Once you complete your lease this money is typically refunded back to you. When you purchase a home you will need to put down a down payment, this varies in cost based on the house you buy. Ideally, homeowners should try to put 20% of the total cost of their property down.

Flexibility: Buying a home is typically for someone who wishes to establish themselves in a certain area. If you do not plan to stay in one place, renting is an excellent choice. You will have the freedom to move when you want, where you want, without having to sell your home.

Lower Insurance: Homeowners know that insurance costs can quickly be overwhelming, whereas renters insurance is extremely affordable. On average renters will pay under $300 for an entire year of coverage. Many homeowners will spend over $2,000 in insurance costs alone. Not to mention, they will have to carefully evaluate what protections they are getting in their insurance policy.

Cheaper Utility Bills: Although size and utility rates depend on many factors, it’s generally less expensive to heat and cool an apartment compared to a home. A compact floor plan can lessen the blow to your bank account when paying off utility bills. Renters can see even greater savings by renting a utilities-included apartment.

If you are looking for an apartment rental in Houston, the team at Equinox Realty Group is here for you. Contact us today to find your next place!


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