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Giving Back

Giving Back To The Community

Meet with Equinox Realty Group to buy, sell or rent your property.

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    Meet Jay Bradley of Equinox Realty Group in Inner Loop

    Today we’d like to introduce you to Jay Bradley.

    Jay, before we jump into specific questions about the company, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

    I owe my start in real estate to my father, Chuck Bradley. As a kid I used to soak up every detail when he would share highlights from his latest real estate transaction during family dinners. Those stories inspired my love of negotiating “the deal.” While I tried my hand at a few other careers like information technology and the restaurant business, I followed my heart and the legacy my father built for me. So, with the turn of the millennium I launched my real estate career in 2000 with my dad as my mentor. My initial focus was investment-based, but after acquiring my real estate license and working with my first three clients I was hooked! Representing clients and negotiating contracts on ……

    Entrepreneurs buy entire blocks in Fifth Ward to revitalize and bring in black-owned businesses

    What inspires Houston real estate broker Jay Bradley is to serve, strengthen and give back to his community. It’s that drive that helped forge a plan with developer Chris Senegal to renovate and revitalize blocks within Houston’s historic Fifth Ward.

    “When you end up finding someone who has a similar passion, the path becomes its own,” Bradley, owner of Equinox Realty Group said. “The path at this point is to help the community.”

    Local Real Estate Broker Jay Bradley assists 200+ Houstonians with water, supplies and home repairs after the Winter Storm

    On Thursday, March 4, 2021, Jay Bradley launched the Winter Storm Relief Initiative to help Houstonians in the aftermath of the winter storm event. Jay has been a Houston resident for more than two decades and has a desire to help people, he has embarked on various philanthropic initiatives to renovate and revitalize the Houston community, including ….

    She also learned firsthand what it feels like to move across the country. Her father’s job moved them to Indiana for a few years during middle school. Later, this experience would be important as fate would bring her into the world of relocation.

    For the past eight years and currently, Amber has been working with clients relocating to Houston from around the world. She enjoys meeting….

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