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Best Places To Live In Houston For Singles

Posted by equinoxrealtygroupadmin on September 28, 2021

Are you a Houston single looking for love? Are you interested in finding the best neighborhoods throughout the city to meet other singles? Luckily, Money Inc has provided a helpful list of the top 10 neighborhoods to live in Houston for singles:

  1. Upper Kirby: According to Apartment, Upper Kirby has come a long way in the past decade. This is a neighborhood that has undergone an extensive redevelopment project that has transformed it into a mecca for singles. It is a trendy neighborhood for singles who enjoy getting out and socializing. There are plenty of great places to eat with entertainment options that will get you out for an enjoyable night on the town.
  2. Midtown: Midtown is another Houston neighborhood that is good for singles. It’s best for those who enjoy going out to catch some live music. There are plenty of great cafes if you’re into dating and enjoy going out for lunches and dinners. It’s not far from Midtown Park, which was recently completed and features a dog park. The rent in the Midtown neighborhood is among the most affordable in the city with average rent prices at $900 per month. There are a lot of young professionals living in Midtown.
  3. Museum Park: Museum Park is a neighborhood that is described by its name. There are plenty of singles living in the area because it is an affordable neighborhood, but it is also filled with plenty of things to do. If you like visiting the art museum you’ll be in heaven in this hamlet. There are plenty of festivals held at the museums and art galleries throughout the year and it’s a safe and fun neighborhood to live in.
  4. Montrose: Montrose is one of Houston’s best neighborhoods for people who like to walk around their neighborhoods. The streets are lined with a variety of great restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. If you like to party there is always something going on to liven up your social life. You can enjoy fun and exciting nightlife if you’re so inclined. The housing in this part of Houston is also affordable with a choice of apartments to bungalows or more extravagant high-rise homes available. It’s no wonder so many singles are drawn to Montrose.
  5. Downtown: According to Fix In Texas, Downtown is one of the best places for singles who are professionals to live. This neighborhood is situated in the heart of the city in the central business district. It’s close to high-quality bars and restaurants, as well as sports arenas and performing arts venues. Downtown is where the action is at and it’s filled with amenities for fun, entertainment, shopping, and more. The streets in this neighborhood are also walkable. Even if you don’t drive it’s not hard to get around with all of the public transportation options that are available in the neighborhood.
  6. Fourth Ward: According to, Fourth Ward is a Houston neighborhood that has a reasonably safe reputation. While it’s not the safest, it’s not the most dangerous either. The housing is average but when it comes to the nightlife scene, it gets an A-plus. This neighborhood has a diverse population with a good mixture of families and singles. The population in the area is way under ten thousand, but there are plenty of opportunities for singles to mingle and meet new friends.
  7. Greater Heights: Greater Heights is a neighborhood in Houston that gets high marks for its diversity. It’s a great place for singles or families to live with a good mix of each. It has above-average public schools and relatively safe streets to walk. Housing is also above average with affordable places available. If you’re into dating or just making friends, there are plenty of venues for entertainment and for enjoying a full nightlife.
  8. Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park: Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park is an exceptional neighborhood for singles to lie. Whether you’re going solo or have a family it comes highly rated for both. The housing opportunities are average with an above-average safety score. It’s a diverse neighborhood filled with interesting people from different backgrounds. The nightlife and amenities in this neighborhood get an A-plus rating with plenty of entertainment, social, and shopping venues. Memorial Park has plenty of singles in the area so there is no shortage of new people to meet if you’re interested in making new friends or dating.
  9. Medical Center Area: This neighborhood is one of the most highly recommended places in Houston for singles who are also professionals. It’s in the area of healthcare facilities and those who are involved in providing medical care will find plenty of job opportunities. It’s a fairly safe place to live with moderately affordable housing. It’s good for both singles and families with a nice blend of diverse people who make up the residents of the neighborhood. There are some great amenities including bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and other recreational opportunities.
  10. University Place: University Place is one of the best locations in the city for singles who prefer an urban/suburban feeling to the environment. In this neighborhood most residents are homeowners but there are also plenty of places to rent affordably. It’s an area with more than 20,000 residents. If you’re a people person there are plenty of other singles living there. You’ll find that most are liberal young professionals. Amenities include coffee shops, restaurants, bars, parks, and more.


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